Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California

Serving Cemetery Properties Since 1931

The Non-Profit Organization Serving California Cemeteries and Funeral Homes



The Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California [CMAC] is a non-profit organization that serves California cemeteries and funeral homes.


Upon its foundation in 1931, the association sponsored the California Cemetery Act under the belief that sound protection of consumers and endowment care funds was the best long-term interest of the industry.


Today, the CMAC membership is comprised of 150 cemeteries and funeral homes of all types; for-profit, not-for-profit, religious and fraternal. 


The association works to serve ethical cemeteries in a manner that protects and enhances the interests of the families who utilize our services during a most sensitive time of their lives.

Our Purpose - Serving Ethical Memorial Properties:

To elevate and improve the standards and services of all forms of caring for the human dead.

To encourage the placement of all interment property under endowment care.

To foster the beautification of all interment properties to the end that what all too often are civic liabilities may be turned into civic assets.

To encourage the adoption of policies that will tend to elevate the practices of all who are engaged in the interment of the human dead.

Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California
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