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The California Law Governing Cemeteries - Funeral Directors - Coroners
  • 2008 Main Volume
  • 2013 Cumulative Supplement

Referred to as simply "The CMAC Law Book," this publication has been deemed a must-have by cemeteries, funeral homes, coroners and consultants throughout the state since its original debut over fifty years ago.

The CMAC Law Book contains thousands of pertinent state laws that are annotated, indexed, and accompanied by historical and reference information. A deluxe three-ring binder, with sufficient capacity for the main volume and annual supplements, is provided with your purchase.

The Main Volume, published in 2008, sets forth thousands of laws in seventeen different codes including the Business and Professions Code, Health and Safety Code, Probate Code and others. 

The 2013 Cumulative Supplement to the 2008 Main Volume of the California Law governing Cemeteries - Funeral Directors – Coroners is available for purchase.

This supplement includes numerous new and revised laws that are not contained in the 2008 Main Volume, nor are they contained in the 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012 supplements.

To order, please either email us [cmac@usa.net], call us at 916.441.4533, or download our informative flyer and order form: click here.

Consumer Guide to Funeral & Cemetery Purchases

October 4, 2013 Update
The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau has announced that it has updated its publication, the Consumer Guide to Cemetery and Funeral Purchases.

CMAC has the new Guide available for purchase. To order, please either email us [form below], call us at 916.441.4533, or fill out and fax the order form: click here.

The new Guide has been attractively designed for use by cemeteries and mortuaries. T
his Guide is required by law.

Endowment Care Brochure

This attractive brochure provides consumers with an explanation of endowment care, its meaning, and the manner in which the endowment care fund is managed. It has proven to be a useful resource for consumers.

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